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Pubblicità AMD nBench 3.0 Ultime News
Notizia pubblicata in data: 28.11.2003

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Nuova versione del benchmark per le cpu AMD!
Potete scaricare AMD nBench 3.0 (QUA')
le caratteristiche:

N-Bench is a Benchmark program that is capable of CPU performance and displaying 3D graphics. It consists of a
Demo mode" that plays back beautiful 3DCG movies and a "Benchmark mode" that measures CPU performance
Read this file carefully before using N-Bench.

[ Special features of N-Bench Ver. 3.0 ]
* New 3DCG engine based on Microsoft(R) DirectX(R) 9.0 technology.
* All 3DCG, music, and special effects are renewed.
* "Speed Bench",measure the time to complete the task.
* Corresponds to 3DNow!(TM) Professional technology and SSE2 instruction of the Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4.
* 4 CPU benchmark test which is not influenced by the graphic performance.
* 4 3D benchmark test which work on XGA.

[ N-Bench Ver 3.0 Working Environment]
Computer equipped with the 1GHz AMD Athlon(TM) processor or 1GHz Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor or greater Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft DirectX(R) 9.0 or later (required)
Free 128MB RAM or more (required)
Color Display with 1024*768 pixels (required)
150MB of hard disk space or more (required)
DirectX 9.0-compatible video card with 3D accelerator function with 32MB VRAM or more (required)
DirectX 9.0-compatible sound card

Tag: amd

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