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Pubblicità XGI Launches Official Channel Offering for North American Market Ultime News
Notizia pubblicata in data: 15.02.2005

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Taipei—February 15, 2005— XGI Technology Inc, a leading graphics solution provider, today announced the signing of a distribution agreement with ASI Corporation to address the demand for its board products in the US market. ASI will market and sell XGI’s line of Volari™ brand: Volari™ V8 (high end market), V5 (mainstream market), V3XT (value market), and V3 (value market) offerings.

"XGI is very excited about the opportunities ASI Corporation will bring to the XGI partnership. With a great professional reputation addressing a diverse channel market, ASI is a valuable distributor and a clear choice for XGI to strategically expand into the US market." said Simon Pickard, Director of US Sales for XGI. "This partnership will help us penetrate the US Market by increasing XGI’s market presence through ASI’s distribution and market expertise which enables us to fulfill the strong demand we are creating."

"ASI pursues new vendor relationships that will offer the greatest value proposition to our customers, therefore we are excited to add XGI graphics cards to our line card," said Brian Paterson, VP of Product Marketing / Product Management of ASI. "With our strong distribution channel and XGI’s competitive technology products, we foresee a mutually beneficial and long term relationship."

About XGI Technology, Inc.

XGI™ Technology Inc., originated from eXtreme Graphics Innovation, was founded in June 2003 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. XGI™ is the leading visual computing and GPU design company focused on delivering powerful and feature-packed GPU performance to enrich the users’ experience. XGI™ has positioned itself as a Fabless IC design company. It offers a full range of video solutions for Professional, Entertainment and Mobile users. For more detailed information, please visit XGI™ website at

About ASI Corp

ASI Corp. is a leading wholesale component and peripheral products distributor founded in 1987 to service the integration needs of value added resellers in North America. The company's 13 branch locations in the US and Canada focus on the immediate delivery of over 80 vendor's lines to approximately 18,000 VARS. The company is a leading distributor for the following vendors: AMD, ASUS, ATI, Creative Labs, ECS, Intel, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Seagate, Sony, Samsung, ViewSonic and Western Digital.

Source: XGI Press Release

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