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Pubblicità European LAN Event at December 28,29 and 30 Ultime News
Notizia pubblicata in data: 03.11.2004

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We have received this press release from Europe-LAN.

Europe LAN

Is presenting one of the hugest European LAN-Events ever… At December 28,29 and 30

In the Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (The Netherlands)

At 22-10-2004 Seat reservation is opened for Attendees out of the whole World! It is a 3/24-event. So 3 day’s of non-stop Gaming. Certainly one can so every now and then, put one’s head to rest in the assigned rest-rooms, but it is possible that one will be waked-up to play the compo at the moment it is organised and perhaps win the money-prizes that go with it. Ore one has only fun with it.

Out of the different compo’s arise the "Europe-LAN Champs". They then will have the title for one year to come!

Certainly "Cracks" are playing too. But it doesn’t mean that they will take all prizes home. Also the less experienced gamers will have a good chance to win some nice prizes.

The event will also be open for visitors that will have the chance to see what a LAN is all about and play a little for fun and making new international (gaming-) friends.

Furthermore there is the possibility -if one is not gaming at the time- to enjoy the "Veronica Drive-in Show" with some well-known DJ’s and other artists.

For Attendees of the LAN everything will be opened 3/24 , Three day’s and two nights.

Visiting-times for non-gamers are:

On December 28: from 15:00 until 22:00

On December 29: from 13:00 until 22:00

On December 30: from 10:00 until 18:00

Tickets for visitors will be available at the entrance.

Attendees of the Europe-LAN event can register via the website:

Please pay in time (using the International Bank Number "IBAN") within 14 day’s after registration!

Otherwise the reservation can be deleted after that time.

Because that is necessary to organise the event well.

We need the confirmation by payment that you are coming to the event.

So, see you in the Netherlands ;)

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