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nVIDA driver update: WHQL release v. 56.56

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27.02.2004 - nVIDA driver update: WHQL release v. 56.56
eVGA, produttore di video card basate su chip grafico nVIDIA, ha pubblicato una release aggiornata e WHQL del driver video a corredo delle schede video Geforce (tutte le generazioni) in ambiente Microsoft Windows 2000/XP. Segue la lista dei problemi risolti:

  • Corrects problems with custom Direct3D profiles
  • Corrects problems with custom OpenGL profiles
  • Corrects problems with the game Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
  • Corrects problems with Dualview secondary montior support
  • Corrects OpenGL issues with 3D Paint 2001, Maya 5.0, and Studio Tools 11
  • Corrected problem with setup where users could see the error message "error loading nview.dll; access is denied"
  • Corrected texture corruption issues with RenderWare Studio
  • Corrected problems with Command and Conquer Generals
  • Corrected problems with Armies of eXigo
  • Corrected problems with Command and Conquer Zero Hour
  • Corrected system crash problem with Final Reality
  • Corrected problems with full screen spanning in Windows 2000
  • Corrected antialiasing issues in Flight Simulator 2004
  • Corrected font problems in Jedi Knight 2
  • Corrected performance issues with NASCAR 2003 Season
  • Corrected various rendering problems on Digital LCD monitors
  • Corrected problems with Big Mutha Truckers
  • Corrected performance issues with Splinter Cell
  • Corrected image problems with Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • Corrected overclocking/auto overclocking through the control panel

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